Pyay - Bagan - Mandalay Cruise

7 nights 8 days Upstream (All season) 334 miles

  Day 1 Pyay - Thayet Myo - (Miles 40)
Check in time is 11:00am at Pyay. In the afternoon, 3 hour excursion by coach, Visit to Maw Zaa Pyu Village and explore the archaeological site of Thiri-ya-kittiya and visit to Shwe San Daw Pagoda. Castoff in the evening and moor overnight at Kama Village.
  Day 2 Thayet Myo - Minhla (Miles 56)
Early morning castoff and arrived to Thayet Myo after breakfast. 3 hour sightseeing by horse cart, Visiting the market, the pleasant colonial town, The countryside and the oldest golf course in Myanmar. Back to the ship and continue upstream. Moor overnight river village.
  Day 3 Minhla - Magwe (Miles 19)
Early morning castoff and arrived to Min Hla, after breakfast, Walking sightseeing to Min Hla fort 30 min; we continue to Gwe-Chaung fort by sampan 2 hour's trip. Visiting the two Italian built forts constructed 1860 during King Mindon reign to keep the invading forces away from Royal Burma.

Continue sailing through upstream, in the late afternoon arrive to Magwe. Visiting by trishawto the magnificent Mya-Thalon Pagoda and enjoy the sunset over the Pagoda. Moor overnight at Magwe.
  Day 4 Magwe - Yenan Chaung (Miles 23)
2 hour's City tour by trishaw visiting the market and city surrounding. Back to the ship, continue upstream the whole afternoon and moor overnight river village.
  Day 5 Yenan Chaung - Sale (Miles 38)
Late morning we will arrive to Sale. 2 hour's walking sightseeing to Sale', we will visit numerous teak monasteries including the Yoke Son Kyaung with its spectacular wood carvings; and see the splendid colonial-style house.). Back to the ship, continue upstream the whole afternoon and moor overnight Tantkyi Taung village.
  Day 6 Sale - Bagan (Miles 29)
Morning castoff and start to approach Bagan during your breakfast time. Sightseeing by coach, a fantastic site of over 2500 stupas (Buddhist religious monument), temples and pagodas. Back to the ship for lunch. Afternoon sightseeing, follow by lacquer ware factory and enjoy the sunset at Bagan. Moor overnight at Bagan.
  Day 7 Bagan - Yandabo Village (Miles 53)
Cast off at 7:00, sail upstream through and approximately 15:00-15:30 arrive to Yandabo Village. Sightseeing Yandabo Village. Dependant on the base economy is famous for the production of terracotta from the riverbank clay. We see the pottery making process at various stages. Yandabo, historically recognized for the signing of the Yandabo Treaty which took place under a tree on the riverbank in 1826 between the British and Royal Burmese House-hold of Ava. Shore excursion time is 1 hour. Back to ship and cast off. Continue sailing upstream and moor overnight at Shwe Pauk Pin village. .
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